As official distributor of shock absorbers "KONI" in Belgium, VDL Weweler-Colaert offers a broad programme of shock absorbers for buses, trucks & trailers.

Economy: The life time of a KONI damper is extremely long. For 91 type trailer dampers, a life time of more than one million kilometres is no exception. The combination of the adjustability and the availability of replacement bush kits extend the life time even more. That's why KONI dampers have the lowest cost per mile.

Original Equipped (O.E.) Pedigree: KONI shock absorbers are used by leading bus, truck and trailer manufacturers, including: ArvinMeritor, EvoBus, Ginaf, Hendrickson, Van Hool, Kenworth, NeoMan (Neoplan), RVI, SAF, Terberg, Terex, TransBus International (Dennis), VDL Bus International (DAFBus), VDL Berkhof, VDL Bova, VDL Jonckheere, Volvo, York etc.

Range: LCV Dampers - Bus Dampers - Truck Dampers - Trailer Dampers  - Cab Dampers - Steering Dampers