Ballestas parabólicas

VDL Weweler-Colaert is a respected global player in the automotive market sector and a the market leader in Europe on the Aftermarket. The key of our concept is composed out of three elements: quality, a broad assortment and fast delivery, whereby dynamical technical outlets offer a complete service and flexible solutions. The largest stock in the world of about 3500 ton, spread over more than 3000 types of leaf and parabolic springs, adaptable to all kinds of brands (Mercedes, Man, Scania, Volvo, RVI, Iveco, Daf  …), enable us to supply within 24 hours.

VDL Weweler-Colaert exchanges technological knowledge and experience with some of the major technology institutes. Thanks to the partnership between Weweler-Colaert, the research center WTCM and the steel manufacturers, we have been able to develop new process parameters.

The use of new alloys in high-quality steel, a "Free Bending Hardening" method (FBH), combined with high stress shotpeening brought our products to one of the highest levels of endurance.

WEWELER® silent bloc: more comfort and an improved road-holding. VDL Weweler-Colaert conceived a new type of silent bloc, which due to its geometry, assures more comfort and an improved road-holding. The concept of the insertion in the eye, guarantees a better repartition of the traction and torsion forces on to the main leave, which improves both endurance and performance.