The past is only history ….  But making use of the past for the future, makes it into a heritage (Ulrich Bez)

VDL Weweler-Colaert has grown out of the in 1878 established private company "Usines Colaert" and "Weweler" which was established in 1924.

Our oldest patent (1904) is in the name of Henri Colaert. The idea consisted in providing longitudinal grooves onto the ends of the leaves, in order to keep the package in place. This concept is still in use on new designs of leaf springs.

Thanks to a strong organizational structure and a commitment to quality (DIN ISO 9001-2015 Certified), Weweler has evolved from a manufacturer of leaf and parabolic springs to one of the most important suppliers in the European automotive industry and a market leader of the European Aftermarket.

VDL Weweler-Colaert has been part of VDL Groep since 2001. VDL Groep, with its head office in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) is an international industrial company focused on the development, production and sale of semi-finished products, buses & coaches and other finished products and the assembly of cars. It is a conglomerate of flexible, independent companies, each with its own specialty. The strength of VDL Groep lies in the mutual cooperation between the companies.