New VDL Weweler building opened

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After nearly 50 years of operation on the Kayersdijk in Apeldoorn, VDL Weweler has found a new home at the Ecofactorij, an industrial estate that maintains strict sustainability standards. This expansion was necessary due to the tremendous growth the company has undergone in recent years and anticipated future growth.

The new building consists of eight halls, each approximately 2,500 m². Production of the suspension systems and axles will take place in four of these halls, while the other areas will be used for assembly, shipping and offices. Residual heat from the production process will be used to heat the floors in the shipping area, and a ground source heat pump will heat and cool the offices. 

New production line 
VDL Weweler designed the new production line and carried out all the automation work themselves. The new system integrates various processes, previously performed separately due to space limitations, to form a single line. Now that the springs will be hot-formed (rolled and bent) and then tempered (hardened) in a continuous process, the residual heat from the first step can be reused in the second. This will cut energy requirements by 35% and significantly reduce production time. Another important benefit of the new production line is the ability to perform 3D forming, making it possible to build a suspension system with fewer parts that is both lighter and easier to assemble.