VDL Groep launches OrderOn.com, online platform for placing metalworking orders

VDL Groep takes a major step forward in digitalising production and business processes for placing on-demand orders for metal products. The launch of the new OrderOn.com platform puts laser cutting and trimming within reach of the entire manufacturing industry at a single click. Flexible, well-organised and custom-made. As many as you require, when and where.
“The demand for simple processes for ordering quality products with timely delivery is increasing. This is accelerating the growth of on-demand production in the market. Flexibility, automation, speed and scalability are a key focus in this respect,” says Willem van der Leegte, President and CEO of VDL Groep. “Our supplier, VDL Technics in Boxtel in the Netherlands, is the first VDL company to integrate our OrderOn.com platform into their production and business processes. By making our many years of experience in custom laser cutting and trimming available online, we are able to simplify and accelerate the order process. As a result a quote is now available within minutes.”

The new OrderOn.com platform is part of VDL Groep’s broader digitalisation strategy whereby the competencies of other operating companies of this industrial family business will be integrated into a single made-to-order platform for a wide range of metal and plastics machining techniques.

Automated order process
OrderOn.com simplifies metalworking-related processes, thus making it possible to easily contract out parts of the metalworking process. After the digital work files are uploaded to the platform a quote is immediately available. Once the quote is approved, the fully automated production process is started and the products are delivered to the specified address. To facilitate this process, VDL Technics’ laser centre has been further expanded with new machines with an automatic module for clearing out the products and fully automated trimming benches, which makes 24/7 production possible. OrderOn.com combines VDL’s latest digital production facilities with more than 60 years of expertise, experience and craftmanship of this industrial family business.